4k Smart TV Buying Guide: 7 things you should not forget!

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4k Smart TV Buying Guide: 7 things you should not forget!

In this article today we will be taking a look at 7 cool things you should remember when you are about to buy a 4k smart tv. This guide is an exclusive 4k smart tv buying guide and at the end of the guide, you would have cleared your mind or any confusion that you have when you buy TV in general. Without any further delay let us begin this exclusive guide on 4k Smart Tv.


Well, it goes without saying. Price is the most important thing anyone would look at when they are about to buy just about anything. TVs are no exception. However, this is an entertainment liability, thus you should be careful as to how deep you wish to shell your pocket when you are to buy a 4k TV.


  • This is simple. Yet many people forget this simple thing called size. Let us say you have a 100 inches wall. So it would not make any sense for you to buy a 50 inches TV. On the contrary, if you have a 200 inches wall, you should not be buying a 20 inches TV. So in a nutshell, you should buy a TV that relates to the size of your wall.
  • Now, let us assume you are not going to mount it on a wall. Then what should be my criteria to get a TV? Well, in such cases it all depends on the mounting stand on which you are about to place the TV. Does it cause any structural imbalances in the decoration of your room? No? Great. You can choose a bigger one.
    • However, if there are any structural imbalances that you will be facing when it comes to getting a bigger size Tv, you should immediately consider either reconstructing the area where the TV is kept or maybe choosing the TV Size correctly. I know the second one makes sense.


This is a debatable thing. Some people are price conscious while others are brand conscious. It is okay for me if the TV Costs $1000 but it should be a Samsung. Also, I don’t care if it is a Sony, Samsung, or LG, I want my TV to be under $500. These are the two most common scenarios you see. Well, you can decide in which category you fit in and then take a decision accordingly.

Warranty on offer

I have seen that most people are frustrated over their TV as the warranty does not clearly explain what is covered and what is not or some people do not take a closer on what the warranty cover and what it does not

Generally, warranties that you get initially when you buy a TV do not cover any Physical Damages or a case of theft. However, you can additionally buy a warranty that covers Physical Damages/Thefts. Make sure you skim through the warranty on offer or at least have a conversation with the sales representative.

After Sales Service

This is the most underrated point that has been mentioned. No matter how much you bank on a certain brand to be good, it is a piece of electrical equipment and it is bound to cause you some maintenance stress. What if the company you buy it from has an excellent after sales service? Bingo!

But, but your favorite brand turned out to be someone unloyal when it comes to providing the aftersales service? I know you don’t want to sail in this boat. So, please make sure you choose a TV that has a good after sales service. Of course, reputable brands do come with good aftersales service but it is always good to do our own research, isn’t it?

Local Repair Centers

Some might argue with us saying that this will come under After Sales Service. But wait. what if there is a shop around the corner that accepts your Samsung TV to be repaired under warranty that too at no cost because it is a local authorized dealer for Samsung?

No need for the technician to visit your house, collect the TV take it to the shop and return it in 10 days, right? You would literally save in a day or two when you have local repair centers around that are of course authorized!

Connectivity Options and Alternatives

Just like mobiles, TVs have become smart as well. There are various connection options available right now on modern day smart TVs.

  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • Wifi (Wireless)
  • Type C

So if your TV at least has 3 of the options mentioned above it is a green signal for you to get the TV from either Amazon, or from your local store. Now, people often say that either HDMI or a VGA cable is enough. But, remember, some modern Dish Antennas come with only Type C support.

I don’t want you to be at inconvenience due to this. So, it is a safer option to buy a TV with a modern future as you never know when you are about to shift to a different mode of connection.

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