About Us for SkateJellyBeans

We are a team of tech-savvy professionals who are passionate about all things tech. We love exploring new technology, and sharing our fin

Skatejellybeans is the brainchild of a team full of tech professionals from different disciplines. We’re working together to help people get technical support and help when needed, regardless of the nature of it. Installing an app or understanding an issue you’re facing, if you need help, let the professionals from Skatejellybeans help. 

Our main goal is to help those who are not that savvy in technical things but want to stay safe while installing apps and games. We test different apps and review them on our blog so that you’re well informed about it and worry free while installing it.

There are too many shiny apps, games, and tools today, that contain hacking and untrustworthy and spammy links. Our job is to make sure the apps you’re choosing and installing are safe to be on your PC or phone. We test all the apps and make sure they’re good.

Since most people use Windows and Android, we mostly share installation and troubleshooting guides. This is so that you can use your favorite phone apps on your PC, just like you get your jobs done on your phone. However, we also talk about Mac, iPhone, and the latest tech news.

Follow our blog to sharpen your technical knowledge and to make better decisions avoiding apps that don’t do any good. We cover all kinds of apps that you may use on your phone, be it productivity, entertainment, or beyond. 



30 August 2022